Difference In Lineage

Mikkyo is the esoteric teachings of Tibetan Buddhism as it reached Japan through the Shaman called Shugenja or Yamabushi also Ninja. Knowledge of the body as an electrical system of elements and switchboards. Healing or transformation through the use of Sanmitsu (3 mysteries) Mudra, Mantra,
Mandala. The physical body is composed of the five elements, but the higher elements point to the nonphysical aspects, mental, emotional spiritual.

Mrs Takata’s Lineage of Reiki Comes first from Dr Usui (1), to Hayashi(2), to Takata (3) to one of her 22 masters (4) to their students (5) then on.

Hirai family Lineage starts at Usui (1) to the Hirai Family(2)) then to Christopher Lee Matsuo (3) and Kathleen Johnson (4) and now to you. (5)

The Hirai family were the very last students of Dr Mikao Usui. Mother and grandmother can produce white light from their fingertips. The son can make white smoke from his palms…. The secret society of healing in Japan informs me that this is a common thing in the paractice of this art.

Certificates of Authentic Japanese Lineage

We are focused on providing the missing pieces of Reiki teaching. As soon as a person completes the normal Reiki levels, there is an immediate resonance but also the inner knowing that it is incomplete somehow. Your heart resonates with truth. We are also giving certificates for completing the
missing knowledge. At all levels.

Mrs Takata held back the knowledge

We are aware that Mrs Takata held back a lot of information. The proof is in the Masters (22) that she taught.

1. Each group has a different amount of levels

2. Each group draws the symbols differently

3. Each group does the empowerments differently Difference in Lineage

4. Some groups learned 3 of 9+ Mudras (Iris Ishikuro) while others had none

5. No one was able to Pus cancer from the body as Mrs Takata did in the little blue book

6. Only a handful know about what was in her massage table mentioned in the little blue book

7. Usui Sensei healed with pulses and pulse points, mudras, chanting, Buddhist medical philosophy and counseling, etc.

8. Usui took apprentices around with him and taught the depths of his art and passed the full Reiki in one empowerment. Takata had 3 empowerment levels and then the teaching stopped.

9. We can go on…..

However this does not stop anyone from becoming a good healer as most of the students are. This gift makes the students search and resonate with modalities that are complimentary to though outside the art. Such as aromatherapy, angels, archangels, power animals, chi kung, breathwork, etc. Although there is nothing wrong with this, it is nice to know that it was a very extensive system and still is. The only reason why it is a secret is because you don’t know it yet.